Top 3 Benefits Of An ADA Compliant Website

With an ADA compliant website, you not only reduce your legal liability of a website accessibility lawsuit, you optimize your website’s ability to attract and convert new customers.

Our Top 3 Benefits

A More User-Friendly Website

An accessible or ADA compliant website will be more user-friendly and more optimized for website traffic conversion.

Increase Market Reach

When you improve the accessibility of your website, you’ll enjoy better SEO results and reach more of your target audience.

Generate Additional Revenue

Earn more loyal customers with disabilities, a group in the US with $490 billion in disposable income, who are looking for businesses that are committed to digital compliance.

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About Zenyth Group

We're a team of creatives and website accessibility experts, driven by a mission to help businesses, big and small, achieve ADA compliance. We’re beyond passionate about making the web accessible for people with disabilities. And with every client, we’re making progress towards our vision of digital inclusivity. No matter where you’re at in your accessibility journey, we’re excited to support your efforts.